Welcome to my blog! First, I’d like to thank you for being here and taking the time to read my posts. I hope that you’ll subscribe to this blog so that you can keep up with all the latest adventures!

Let’s start with some background on me and how exactly I got into interior design and home remodeling.


Believe it or not, I didn’t to school for interior design. I actually graduated with my Masters in Accounting, from East Carolina University. I started my career in public accounting, first at a Big 4 and then a smaller local firm. It never felt like I had found my place though, I had this sinking feeling that something was missing. Originally I had hopes of being the one to uncover some huge fraud scam, like Enron or WorldCom, but that doesn’t happen too often…. So what I thought was going to be my dream job became a bust.

Determined to get out of public accounting, I made a transition into the private sector hoping to find my calling there. The hours were definitely better but I still wasn’t fulfilled. We had bought our first home a few years earlier. We seemed to find ourselves continuously finding projects to work on. Being able to put my heart into this home, whether it be through a full on renovation or a simply refurbishing a piece of furniture, truly satisfied my soul.

Discovering My Passion

I’ve always been a HGTV freak, mainly House Hunters but once Fixer Upper came out I was completely obsessed. I ended up buying Joanna’s book and found out that she didn’t go to school for design or have a fancy certificate. Nope, she just happened to “fall into” it with Chip and she’s definitely good at it!

It got me thinking… maybe this was something I could do! No, I don’t have a formal background in interior design, but neither did she. I do have the passion, drive, and ability to see the potential in a space and bring it to life. Side note – before going to college I had dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. Being able to fulfill my artistic passion through interior design has been soul quenching.

I got lucky enough to marry someone who has worked in various facets of the construction industry his whole career. His knowledge and experience have been invaluable. He’s not one to sugar coat it, so I knew he would definitely be honest and tell me if he thought I couldn’t hack it. To my surprise, when I told him this was what I really wanted to do, he was even more excited than me! He could not have been more supportive and encouraging throughout this entire process. Seeing that I had a natural talent and the passion to make it happen, he pushed me to go for it.

In essence he and Joanna Gaines’ book are the reason I am starting this blog and an interior design and remodel business; hence Blue Byrd Design was born!

The Blog

This blog is for all those with a passion for home decor and design. I will be sharing my personal renovation projects that I have done with my husband in our own home, as well as those that I have done for clients. In addition to renovation projects, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on some of my DIY’s!

I look forward to growing this blog and expanding my business and I hope you will grow with me!

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