Welcome to my blog! First I want to thank you for being here and taking the time to read my posts. I wanted to start by giving you all some background on me and how exactly I got into interior design and home remodeling.

I actually graduated from East Carolina University with a Masters in Accounting. I worked for four years in public accounting, first at a Big 4 and then a smaller local firm after that. It never felt right, I didn’t ever feel like I truly fit in. Originally I had hopes of finding a big fraud scam, like Enron or WorldCom, but apparently that doesn’t happen too often…. So what I thought was my dream job became a bust.

Determined to get out of public accounting I made a transition into the private sector hoping to find my niche there. The hours were definitely better but I wasn’t fulfilled. I always felt something was missing. We had bought a house a few years before this that we continuously worked on and updated. Being able to work on this house, whether it be on a large renovation project or a smaller refurbished piece of furniture, truly satisfied my soul.

I’ve always been a HGTV freak and when Fixer Upper came out I was completely and utterly obsessed. I loved them and everything they did and stood for. They are an amazing team and both incredibly talented. I ended up buying Joanna’s book and finding out that she had no prior design training or education but just happened to “”fall into” it with Chip, while renovating some of his rental properties and man is she good at it!

It got me thinking… as much as I love renovating our home that maybe this was something I could do. I didn’t have any background in interior design I just know what I like and what looks good to me. Quick little flash back – prior to even going to college I had dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I always enjoyed crafts and expressing myself in some artistic form. It really isn’t much of a surprise that I would end up falling in love with some form of artistic expression.

My husband is actually in the construction business as a Project Manager so he has knowledge and experience within the industry. I knew he would definitely be honest and tell me if he thought I couldn’t hack it. But when I told him about this idea he was even more excited than I could have imagined. I am so blessed to have such an incredibly supportive and encouraging husband. He immediately jumped at the idea. He saw that I had a talent and a passion and pushed me to pursue it.

In essence he and Joanna Gaines are the reason I am starting this blog and a design and remodel business. Stay tuned for future posts about my projects. I would love to hear from you all about any questions or feedback you may have for me.