How to Design a Gender Neutral Nursery

Things have been quite busy over in the Byrd household now that we are expecting our sweet baby Byrd in just a few short weeks. We decided very early on that we didn’t care whether it was a boy or girl all that mattered was that he/she was healthy. For some, this can make it harder to decorate the nursery and plan for the baby in general. I’ve put together some tips on how to make designing a gender neutral nursery easier.

Steps for Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery

Pick a Theme for your Nursery

Before you start picking paint colors or furniture choices decide on a theme for your little one’s nursery. There are so many gender neutral ideas out there now that you aren’t limited to just a few. We chose an “Under the Sea” theme for our nursery. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date for our big nursery reveal!

You could do a travel theme and incorporate art or prints from your personal travels, or a Safari or jungle theme and use prints of different animals. If you have a favorite book or children’s author try using that as inspiration. Play off what matters to you and what would be pleasing to you since this is a room you’ll be spending a lot of time in too!

For more ideas on nursery themes check out my post: 10 Beautiful Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Keep it Simple

The easiest thing you can do when planning for a gender neutral nursery, is to keep the biggest items (i.e., wall color, and furniture) as simple as possible. Stick with soothing neutral colors that are easy to blend with a variety of colors, textures, and patterns; think grays, beiges, whites and wood tones for simplicity. If you just can’t stomach the idea of having all four walls a boring neutral, opt for an accent wall using a bolder color or even a beautiful wallpaper print.

3. Pops of Color

By keeping the rest of the nursery fairly neutral you now have a blank canvas to play with. It’s important to incorporate color throughout the space to stimulate the baby’s brain. Blues and pinks are no longer gender specific, so again use what makes you happy. Try using navy and coral for a nautical or coastal feel. Dark green and gold accents can glam up the space for a modern upscale look. Soft sage green and light wood tones work great for a Safari or Woodland theme.

dark green accent wall
credit: instagram/@headygrimm

Gender Neutral Accents

When it comes to adding in those fun decorative accents you can go a little more wild. Have fun with color, pattern, texture and especially the artwork. For our nursery we opted for several simple clean prints of sea animals and one very special commissioned piece. I’m a fan of less is more, especially in nurseries since the rooms are usually smaller. Art above the crib and changing table can be great along with some floating shelves for books and a toy chest for those extra stuffed animals everyone buys (like the one below).

Above all else, when designing your precious little one’s room, be sure to have fun. There is no right or wrong way to design this space but hopefully these tips can help get you on your way. What do you think is the most important aspect in decorating a nursery?

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