Desk Transformation for Under $50!

I love taking an outdated piece of furniture and transforming it with a little paint and some new hardware. The end result instantly makes it feel like an entirely new piece. This is exactly what I did with my old desk. Check out the transformation below!


Desk before refinishing

Whenever you paint furniture it’s a good idea to sand the surface, even if just lightly, to allow the paint to adhere properly. I use Fusion Paint on many of my furniture projects and one of the perks is that you typically can skip this step. This was not the case when it came to the desk and the thick coat of polyurethane we had originally put on it after staining.

After sanding off as much of the polyurethane as possible, I swept the loose dust up with the shop vac and then wiped it clean with windex. It’s important to make sure the piece you are working with is as clean as possible so that your paint finish is nice and smooth.

Finished Desk Project:

After painting with Fusion Paint, I added a clear coat of Annie Sloan wax to get that silky smooth surface. As mentioned in Fusion Paint this isn’t necessary as the paint is self sealing (unlike chalk and milk paint). It can be a good idea to add a coat of wax on pieces that will have a lot of wear or exposure to liquids. Since this is a desk I figured a coffee or water spill was bound to happen at some point. I found some new knobs in a glam abstract print and voila!

Finished with Fusion Paint
Gorgeous Knobs

What do you think? I’d love to hear your favorite part or if you have a piece of furniture you’ve refinished tell me about it!

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