How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

You guys must be thinking that I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth by this point. Unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat as we’ve prepared for our 5 year anniversary trip across the Pond. I can’t wait to share all the fun details with you once we get back. On another note, I’ve got a super exciting post about creating your perfect outdoor space! Read on to check out all the details.

Determine the Type of Space

Before you can begin planning your space you need to figure out what exactly you have to work with. There are various outdoor areas ranging from extravagant decks built to surround a pool, to a simple brick paver patio. Whatever your space be sure to tailor your design to that.

Pool and Deck
My parents pool and deck

It’s best to decide here what your end goal is for the space. Do you plan to use it for entertaining large parties, lounging in the sunshine with friends, or simply a place to play outdoors. All these questions will better determine what you need in your design.

Start with a Foundation

Say that you want a space for entertaining, the first thing that you need to look into is the surface. If you have a wood deck you may want to get a large outdoor rug. Not only does this help to protect your deck surface from the elements but it will also be aesthetically pleasing as it will help to ground the space. It’s typically much more pleasing to bare feet than hot wood in the summertime. It becomes the focal point.

***Side note: feel free to go outside your comfort zone with outdoor rugs. Bringing more color and light into the space creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Outdoor rug
Outdoor rug for seating area

If you have an area designated for lounging out in the sunshine you may not need a rug. Or you could opt for a runner in front of the lounge chairs to protect bare feet from the hot sun.

For an area designated to house more play equipment (think outdoor jungle gym and such) your foundation you might want to consider putting down a mulch bed.

Pick Your Furniture

Next you need to decide what furniture you will need in your space. Back to our example on the outdoor entertaining space, there are several options to choose from depending on your style. There are outdoor dining table sets that are slightly more formal, as well as conversational sets. These allow guests to mingle and float about the space or lounge in comfy chairs.

Whatever you pick make sure to account for food and drink placement. If you opt for the more casual conversational set, keep in mind that you will need to include various tables. Think coffee tables and side tables. This allows guests a place to set their drinks or plates.

Umbrellas are a great option if your outdoor space is baked by the hot sun for an extended period. They offer a welcome reprieve for those who don’t want to be exposed to the harsh rays. It can also be great to store cooler food items underneath.

Completed Deck
Completed Deck

Don’t Forget Lighting

An often forgotten element in outdoor space planning is lighting. You may want to have your party continue well into the evening hours. It’s more fun when you can actually see your guests. If you’ve got a large deck with a couple taller posts or lattice work, string lights are a good option. These are some of my favorite outdoor lighting options as they provide the perfect amount of light without being overpowering.

Check out Jenna’s post on how to hang string lights on your deck.

The Easiest Way to Hang String Lights On Your Deck

Another great option is lanterns that can be moved and placed in various locations as needed. Many of these are battery operated which makes them super easy and convenient.

Now as you head into summer I hope you will keep these tips in mind when creating your perfect outdoor space!

Seas the Day
Seas the Day

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  1. Thanks for such great tips! Our next big project is to design and create a patio area in our backyard that is an extension off our existing deck area. You’ve given us some great ideas to build from and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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