Refurbished Bookcase

I don’t know about you but there is something about taking a piece of unloved furniture and giving it new life. It’s a great way to save money, cut down on waste and live a little more eco-friendly. I’ve had this bookcase for a few months now and planned to refinish it for my office. With the holidays and other projects it took a little longer to get to than expected. Read on below for all the details.

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Supplies Used:

  • Fusion Paint Azure
  • Brush
  • Craft paper


Always start by assessing the wood on your project. If there is a thick finish whether it be paint/polyurethane you will want to sand this down some or strip it off completely. There are a ton of tools and products out there to help you do this.

Bookcase Before

Since there was no such finish on this bookcase, I simply cleaned it with Method All Purpose Cleaner. Now to start painting! I did 2 coats (3 in some areas) to get the coverage I wanted.

If you’ve read my other posts using Fusion paint, you’ve learned that one of the best parts about Fusion paint is that it is self sealing. There is no need to apply a wax finish other than to achieve a certain appearance. I chose to only wax the shelves so that the paint wouldn’t chip with excessive use.

Now I could start putting the backing on. I used Mod Podge to adhere the craft paper. The sheets were 12”x12”, and fit perfectly 2 to a shelf without any cutting. This was a tedious process to say the least because I had to wedge the paper under the middle shelf while applying glue and laying it down as I go. I did not Mod Podge the front of the paper because I didn’t want it to have that look.

Mod Podge craft paper

To remove any air bubbles I used a tiny pin and poked a hole while smoothing the paper out. Once I was satisified with the finished product I used a Matt Acrylic Sealer to seal the paper and protect it from yellowing over time.

Overall, I am super pleased with how this turned out! What do you think?

Bookcase After

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