Unique Wallpaper Ideas

Gone are the days where wallpaper was considered out-dated or old-fashioned. Now a days, accent walls and feature walls are popping up in some form or fashion. There are a ton of different ways to achieve this effect including wood wrapping, an accent paint color or wallpaper and alternatives. Instead of opting for the normal wallpaper check out the list below for some unique options.

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Book Pages

Book pages are a great alternative to wallpaper! Antique pages are a great way to achieve an old world vintage effect. Try using classic children’s book pages on toy cubbies or inside of a closet in a child’s room. Simply use pages from the book of your choice and Mod Podge to create a beautifully unique feature. Next time you’re at the local antique store don’t forget to check out the books! I found an old book written in French to use in my French Country guest room. Check out how I transformed an old chest of drawers with this simple technique.


Chest of Drawers
Chest of Drawers

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper comes in a ton of gorgeous prints and patterns. Most are thicker than they were in the past which makes using them for decorative accents much easer! It’s a relatively inexpensive material in comparison to wallpaper. Plus it’s pretty easy to put up and take down. Check out how Megan with “The Homes I Have Made” decorated her laundry room with wrapping paper.


Craft Paper/Scrapbooking paper

I recently used craft paper to refinish a miniature bookcase. Stay tuned for that blog post! It cost me only $5 instead of $25 for an inexpensive roll of wallpaper and looks just as good! I used Mod Podge to secure the craft paper to the bookcase similar to how I did the antique book pages.

Craft Paper Backing

To protect the paper from yellowing over time you should apply a protective Acrylic Sealer.

Next time you are looking to add a feature wall to a room or piece of furniture consider using one of these options instead of wallpaper. Not only could it potentially save you money but it will create a unique one of a kind look that is going to set you apart from the masses!

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