Grapevine Wreath Easy DIY

I’ve been bitten by the craft bug lately and wanted to share my latest DIY using a miniature grapevine wreath!

Supplies Needed:

  • Grapevine wreath (10”-12”)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Wire cutters
  • Burlap rose
  • Small white floral stem bunch
Supplies for mini wreaths

How To:

First thing first, cut the small bunches apart in little sections. Take one section at a time and weave them into the grapevine wreath one at a time. It’s up to you how freely moving you want these. I ended up gluing mine down so that they followed the path of the grapevine closely. Once you get them the way you want, glue some of the stems down so that they won’t come loose.

Miniature grapevine wreath

I bought four of these sprig bunches but only ended up using two, one on each wreath, so I was able to take two back. After positioning all the small stems around the wreath cut the burlap rose bud close to the stem. Position it where you want it (do this before gluing so you can make sure the stem fits correctly). I placed mine towards the bottom inside of the wreath. Use the hot glue gun and put a dime sized dollop of glue on the underside of the rose bud. Make sure to hold it on the stem until the glue has had time to cool and harden.

Completed mini wreath
Completed mini wreath

And Voila! How easy was that? Even better this cost me $5 for each wreath. See breakdown below:

  • Mini grapevine wreath – $1 from the Dollar Tree (each)
  • White floral bunch – $1.49 from Hobby Lobby (each)
  • Burlap rose bud – $2.49 from Hobby Lobby (each)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks – I already had
  • Wire cutters – I already had

I put these wreaths on two antique window frames I have hanging in our kitchen. These are versatile enough to be hung inside or out as well. Depending on the flowers you use, these wreaths could last from spring through out summer.

Wreath hanging on window frame

What is your favorite part?

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  1. I love DIY too! Crafting is so much fun and so relaxing. In fact, I am now thinking that it could also be a side hustle! Do you sell your creations? I wish using wreaths would become a big thing here in the UK because I see so many ideas I would love to do and use.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation and giving us even the list of what to use.

    1. I don’t at this point but it may be something worth considering down the road! You should start the trend in the UK and make wreaths the next big thing!

    1. Oh yes I made a bigger one last year as well! You’ll have to check out “How to DIY Your Spring Wreath” in my blog as well! I made two gorgeous spring/summer grapevine wreaths perfect for the front door!

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