Norwex and Why I’m a Believer!

I recently came into contact with someone who sells Norwex products. Don’t judge me, but before meeting her this was the first time I had heard about the Norwex brand.

She offered to do a demo and let me try out the products. I will be honest, I was skeptical. I mean who believes that you can achieve the same level of clean with only water and a cloth compared to all the numerous varieties of cleaners on the market?

Well now, this girl does! Check out my full review below.

About Norwex

Norwex has led the global microfiber industry for more than 20 years.

Norwex helps people just like you create brighter futures through simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work. Our cutting-edge technology delivers products that are safe, sustainable, and highly effective – all while saving you time and money.


This is quite a claim and again being a skeptic I was hesitant to buy into the propaganda.

How it Works:

Traditional cloths push around the particles and end up spreading dirt and grime across your surfaces. Norwex’s microfiber is different in that it attracts even the smallest particles of dirt and moisture leaving the surface free from everything. Even better the cloth self-purifies. The micro silver threads in the BacLock cloth actually act as an antibacterial agent. No need to reach for the bleach or disinfectant to wipe up those chicken juices.

Norwex is easy to care for too, you can reuse the cloth multiple times before washing it. In between uses just rinse it out and lay it flat to dry. When you want to wash it just throw it in with laundry detergent and toss it in the dryer.

Among the numerous benefits that Norwex’s microfiber cloths have, are the fact that they are made from approximately 70% recycled materials. They also claim that these cloths can save a typical family of four almost $600 a year on cleaning supplies! Which lets face it if you’re only using water and these cloths makes total sense.

My Review

The EnviroCloth and Window Cloth:

After her demo, I was most excited to try these bad boys on all our stainless steel. As you can see before (left side) of the fridge is darker than the right hand side. This is a side by side comparison of cleaning using the Norwex EnviroCloth and the Window Cloth (right side) and the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish (left side).

I took the EnviroCloth (after wetting it and ringing it out), cleaned a section making sure to go with the grain, and then polished it with the Window Cloth again going with the grain. It took some effort towards the bottom where stuff has spilled and probably not been wiped up in time but I was able to polish it to it’s original glory. The best part is it took no chemicals!

Comparison of Norwex to Polish

Needless to say I went through and cleaned all my stainless steel products after this. It even cleaned the grease and grime off my tea kettle, which I honestly assumed was just a lost cause!

Not only did it work for my stainless steel but the microfiber cloth works great for every day use. Just wet and wipe! What could be easier than that.

This set is also great for tackling windows and glass. I cleaned our storm door and back patio doors after probably a month or so of winter weather and I swear I was bedazzled by how perfectly streak free they were! I cleaned these the same way I did the stainless steel.

Norwex offers these separately or as a set in several different packages. If nothing else I would highly recommend trying these out in their Basic Package.

Dusting Mitt:

If you’re like most people, there’s no worse part of cleaning than dusting. It’s time consuming and grimy and just one of those have tos that is so not fun. This little Dusting Mitt makes dusting a breeze. Gone are the days of spraying the surface with a furniture polish just to buff it into the wood, aka wipe it off. Simply put on the mitt and wipe away.

The plush fabric holds dust and allergens without letting them escape into the air. You can use it wet or dry. It actually makes dusting fun (there’s a phrase I bet you never thought you’d hear!) And if you want to get the kiddos involved, Norwex offers a Kid Dusting Mitt as well.

One of the highest rated packages, the Household Packge, includes this Dusting Mitt, the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth. I would suggest trying this pack out if you’re considering switching up your dusting routine.

Norwex Mop and Wet Mop Pad:

This mop is one of their prized possessions. They come in a variety of types including wet and dry, tile and chenille pads. It allows you to replace those expensive floor cleaners containing harsh chemicals with a mop pad and water. It’s safe for wood, tile, laminate and vinyl. Another plus, like many Norwex products, the mop pad is made from 70% recycled materials meaning it’s created from approximately 2.3 recycled bottles. So you’re not only helping your home and your wallet but your reducing the waste in landfills and oceans!

I have previously used Bona to clean my floors and it’s quite an undertaking. By the end of it my back is killing me from scrubbing so hard. With this there’s minimal effort. Simply dampen the soft mop pad very lightly and attach it to the mop head (similar to a Swiffer or Bona mop). When the pad starts drying out you can use a spray bottle filled with water instead of having to take the pad off to re-wet it.

Final Review

There are so many great things Norwex offers. Not only do they provide cleaning products but they have products for laundry, personal hygiene and skincare! Norwex is changing the way we think of our cleaning and beauty regiment. If you’re interested in removing or swapping out all the harsh chemicals in your life while using a product that is sustainably sourced please check out Norwex by using the link below.

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