Home Decorating Tips for Spring 2019

I don’t know about you, but once the last of the winter decor is packed up, I immediately start decorating for spring. I’m not a huge fan of decorating for Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense, so I tend to add a few romantic touches here and there. My tips for spring decorating are versatile enough to use for the big V-Day as well.

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Floral Fabrics:

Keeping in tune with the 2019 Decor Trends, floral fabrics are perfect for spring. I was given a set of beautiful floral pillows with little birds that I originally planned to use for spring only, but ended up loving them so much they pretty much stay out all year. These water color printed floral pillows from Amazon are perfect for spring decorating. The bold pop of color will be sure to pack a punch.

Watercolor floral pillows
PC: Amazon


Spring is the perfect time to incorporate tons of greenery, live or fake. Right now I’ve got a couple avocado seeds sprouting, one of which has been planted. I decided to put it in our bay window and it not only serves as added greenery to the space but is also getting a ton of natural light – win win!

If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to constantly buy fresh cut florals, because let’s be honest that can get expensive, faux plants work just as well. I like to mix different ones around the house. This lavender bunch from Amazon is beautiful and you can keep it up all through summer. It’s a simple floral that adds a beautiful pop of color to your spring decorations.

PC: Amazon

Spring Wreath

Obviously you want to extend your decorating to the outside as well. A wreath is a great way to do that. You can opt for something simple and classic with boxwoods and hydrangea or go for something bolder like this gorgeous Tulip wreath from Amazon. **Side note: you can use this wreath for Valentine’s Day as well! That’s a two for one. If you’re feeling crafty check out my post on How to DIY Your Spring Wreath by clicking the link below. http://bluebyrddesignva.com/2018/04/24/how-to-diy-your-spring-wreath/

Tulip Wreath
PC: Amazon

I hope that these ideas help you decorate your home for spring. What’s you’re favorite decoration for spring time?

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