How to Hang Framless Mirrors

Do you have fun, accent mirrors laying around your house collecting dust? Or maybe it’s a collection of prints or artwork that you aren’t 100% sold on punching that hole in the wall yet. Who can blame you? Knocking that nail in a wall feels permanent. Yes, you can always puddy the hole, sand and repaint it, but that’s a whole bunch of extra work.

Hanging Frameless Mirrors:

I came across this issue myself with a client who had adorable hexagon shaped mirrors just sitting in a box on a shelf. How perfect?! Not only was this a savings to her but ended up being a great design feature in her office. I planned to hang a cluster of these in a pattern above her desk.

The mirrors were primarily used for makeovers, and therefore didn’t have any backing or way to hang them. After doing some research I found that mirror clips were probably my safest option. I wasn’t entirely thrilled that the clips would be seen, but it was a small price to pay.

I headed over to the hardware store and right next to the mirror clips were Command strips for hanging heavy artwork! How did I not think of this myself?!

Following the directions on the pack, I used two tabs on each mirror and fastened each to the wall. Check out the finished product below and let me know what you think! For all the details of the full office project click here.

Frameless mirrors
Frameless mirrors

Next time you come across an out of the box wall art, don’t forget to check out your local selection of command hooks!

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