Decorating Tips to Carry You Through Winter 2019

Decorating for the holidays can seem overwhelming to say the least. Most people don’t get started until after Thanksgiving and are ready to take it all down around the New Year. Seems like a lot of work for just a short period of enjoyment.

I’ve put together some tips on how to make your holiday decor last all winter long. These pieces can go up before the big turkey day and stay up well past Valentine’s Day.

***This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase any of the recommended items below. Please note that this is at no additional cost to you and I only recommend items I personally use.***

Natural Elements

Opt for natural greenery whether it be in the form of boxwood, faux balsam or Fraser fir trees or even a real Christmas cacti. Don’t worry those are pretty indestructible. I’ve had mine since my first apartment well over 10 years. Adding plants (even the fake ones) can bring color and interest to an otherwise sterile space. I love finding plain boxwood or fir wreathes to add around the house, like these mini pine wreaths. If they are small enough you can use them just about anywhere and they instantly transform a space.

Check out how I added these 10” faux fir wreaths to the antique window frames in our dining room. Even though it was still decorated for Thanksgiving, the wreaths were simple enough to blend in perfectly.

Mini faux fir wreaths
Mini faux fir wreaths

Faux miniature trees are a great item to use all winter. If they are simplistic enough you can add them onto built-in shelves, mantles, and even by your entryway. I love these mini pines in tin planters and bonus you get two!

Another great natural element is wood. I personally love birch logs but check out your own yard for branches. You’d be surprised what you have readily available. For instance, we have a ton of holly trees in our yard, which I normally loathe but come winter I learn to like, and I’ve cut their branches to use as centerpieces.

Holly centerpieces
Holly centerpieces

Soft Plush Fabrics

Those amazing furry blankets and pillows you eye every time you head into T.J. Maxx… Well now is the perfect time to throw those bad boys out. Try using a neutral color (white, cream, beige, and even taupe) and incorporating a few different pieces to your living spaces. This throw was a splurge purchase when we ordered our chaise lounge. I love it, especially the little rose details coupled with the luxe fabric make it perfect for just about any time of the year, but especially winter.

Draped rose throw
Draped rose throw

In the bedroom, consider adding an inexpensive faux fur rug. This is a wonderful touch that is sure to make a huge impression on guests, because who doesn’t love their bare feet on a fluffy rug?! This doesn’t have to be a large rug, consider around a 3’x5’, on either side of the bed. If you don’t have enough space for two rugs you could put just one at the end of the bed. Check out this faux sheep skin rug it comes in varying colors but I personally love the white and brown.

Compliment this by adding some coordinating throw pillows in varying textures and patterns. A gorgeous cable knit pillow coupled with a macrame pillow is a great way to make the living areas look and feel richer.


I’m a huge advocate for those battery operated twinkle lights. I find myself using them all year not just around the holidays. If you’ve got a metal framed bed in your guest room try wrapping them around the head-board for a fairy tale effect (perfect for a teen girl’s room). In your kitchen/dining room, try intertwining them in your centerpieces. Just a little touch of sparkle can create a luxe effect without being overpowering.

Twinkle lights on headboard
Twinkle lights on headboard

Lanterns are another fabulous winter item. Seeing a lantern just makes me think of beautiful snow-covered hills and a cup of hot cocoa. Don’t ask me why, I guess it’s because lanterns seem quintessential to days gone by, especially those spent by a cozy fireside. Add them to your fireplace hearth, staircases (if you are lucky enough to have a large one) and even your front porch. This lantern can be used outdoors and comes with the LED battery operated candle!


So as we approach the end of the holiday season, take these tips with you when deciding what to pack up and what can stay out a couple more months.

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