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Most people have that one room in their house that ends up being a catch-all. I know we do, thankfully it’s a section of our finished basement that no body really sees, except the cat. My client had a room like this that was intended to be her office but ended up being a storage space. She works hard and runs two businesses out of her home on top of working full-time. A clean and well-functioning office was definitely something she needed and deserved.

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Phase I

We broke this project up into two phases. During the first phase we worked on cleaning everything out and organizing what was left. Check out this before!

Phase II

This is where the magic happens!!!


Since she sells Mary Kay and Isagenix products, I wanted to capture these businesses through the colors. We painted the walls a beautiful peachy pink color, based on a Mary Kay flyer she had. To add some depth and contrast, I opted for a rich navy colored rug and valance. This helped tie the Isagenix blues into the space, as well as prevent it from looking childish.


I’m a firm believer in having your desk face any natural light available, and unfortunately the old layout had her desk facing the entry wall. We relocated the desk to the opposite wall right next to her window and swapped it with her storage cabinets. This helped to open the entire room up.


Light fixtures are my statement pieces. These are the pieces that are going to make or break a space. I have always splurged on light fixtures in my own home, as well as in others, because this is not something you’re likely to change. This office was no different. Since my client is a lover of all things sparkling, I chose a beautiful mini crystal chandelier and matching table lamp. They are my favorite pieces!

Finishing Touches

I found a white and chrome chair for her desk. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also super comfortable! I love using what people have in their home for decor. It’s a great way to personalize a space. We were able to do this with a lot of the pieces on and around her desk (white hydrangeas, a blue fan and crowns from MK awards to name a few).

Check out the finished product below and let me know what you think in the comments!
Glam Office
Glam Office
Storage units
Storage units
Desk Area
Desk Area


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