Boring Basement turned Lodge Man Cave

Boy oh boy this renovation has been a long time coming! Now that it’s finally complete we have been spending all of our time down here (I’m actually writing this post from the man cave). Read on for all the details and pictures of this exciting transformation. I’ve even included some links to my favorite pieces.

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Man Cave Before:

When we bought our home we knew we would have multiple projects on our hand. This was part of the plan after all, we wanted a home that we could make our own. After moving in, we went from room to room figuring out our game plan.

Eventually we made our way into the the extra living space in the basement. From the get go, this was planned to be my husband’s man cave. It had wall to wall paneling with faux wood floors and wood trim. To me it was too dark and way too much wood, but he actually liked the paneling, he even made the comment that it reminded him of a hunting lodge. I figured it would save us money and time to just paint the paneling instead of replacing it with drywall. And it was his space after all, so who was I to disagree.


Since he liked the lodge feel this room already had, I planned to use that as my design inspiration. I focused on wood, leather and metal as my main materials.

Let’s start with the paint. I selected a gray green to play up the existing wood trim, Behr Marquee Echo Park. I have to say even though the rest of my house is fairly neutral I love the depth this color gave the room and how it perfectly accented the wood trim. To play up this color, I opted for an abstract patterned rug in almost the same gray green.

If you guys don’t follow me on instagram, you may not have seen the little snag we came across when painting. We ended up finding rotten paneling behind a picture. Thankfully it was nothing more than a condensation issue but still slowed down our progress and cost more than we had originally budgeted, which is never fun when going through a renovation.

To achieve a better overall flow in the room we decided to relocate the cable to the opposite wall. This allowed us to swap out the old oversized entertainment center for something much more appropriate for the look we were going for. We mounted the TV to the wall (hubby’s only request and how could I deny him that). I think his favorite part was getting to pick out a new flat screen smart TV!


The TV stand I found was the definition of industrial meets rustic. Dark wood with iron castors and iron detailing at the corners combined with chicken wire inset into the door = perfection! I snagged the matching side table to go with it.

For the coffee table I opted for round instead of rectangular to allow for a free flowing space. Best part, it has castors, making cleaning so much easier! This ended up being one of my favorite pieces, I’ll share the other shortly. The table was the perfect size to display my husband’s Pirate decanter and shot glasses, while still allowing space for people to set drinks or plates if needed. On the second shelf, I was able to display his Cowboy books.

Coffee table & new TV stand
Coffee table & new TV stand

When we took down the old cheap twist blinds, I decided to make drop cloth curtains instead, after all these are not only rustic but inexpensive. I did not bleach mine because I wanted them to be more distressed and raw maybe even a little dirty looking. To go with the industrial theme, I found a black or “iron” curtain rod and clip rings to complete the curtains.

Drop cloth curtains
Drop cloth curtains

To add some additional seating, I grabbed two genuine Leather poufs.These are definitely my absolute favorite purchase! The quality is amazing, from the leather to detail in the stitching. Not only are these pieces beautiful, but they provide extra seatin or a foot rest if you so desire.

For the piece de resistance, I took a stab at German schmearing the fireplace. This was one of the most difficult yet rewarding things I have ever done. If you haven’t read the full blog post on this amazing transformation check it out here. I added that gorgeous metal clock to finish off the rustic lodge vibe. You can get it Here.

German schmear fireplace & poufs
German schmear fireplace & poufs

Man Cave After:

The finishing touches and artistic accents completed this space. We still plan to add another chair beside of the beige recliner and swap out the couch for a newer one, but that’s down the road.

What’s your favorite part? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. WOW, now this is an amazing transformation! Love the German Schmear project, but overall I love the perfect Man Cave vibe, from the comfie, cozy feel (perfect for game day!) to the personal touches throughout the room. Definitely a hit!

    1. Thank you Erika! It’s probably one of my favorite pieces especially being able to move it for easier cleaning!

    1. They are amazing!! You should get you some! They come in other colors but that one is my fave because the stitching stands out.

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