Fusion Paint and Why it’s Better than Chalk and Milk Paint

Upcycling furniture has become all the rage lately. There are so many techniques and methods it’s hard to decide which to go with. If you’ve read my earlier post DIY: Cupboard Upcycled into a Bench, you know that I’ve worked with milk paint previously.

This paint has two flaws; it must continuously be mixed, and it’s water soluble. If the paint gets wet prior to being sealed it will run or dissipate and there goes all your hard work.

Fusion Paint:

When I decided to redo the baby dresser that my great grandfather made for my grandmother when she was a little girl, I knew I wanted to try a different method. I figured why not chalk paint. My mom had brought a side table she wanted me to help her redo. We went to my favorite antique store to pick out our paint colors.

Dresser before

After picking up way more than we actually came for (shocker), we made our way to the paint counter. To my surprise, they no longer sold Miss Mustard Seed or Annie Sloan paints. I was so upset! We asked the individual in charge of the painting projects and classes, what happened to the old paint and what was the scoop on this new paint.

Come to find out, this new Fusion paint is way better than chalk paint. It’s self-sealing, so no need to worry about getting it wet or applying a wax or finish, unless you want to. Even better, it distresses and goes on smoother than chalk paint.

Of course I was skeptical, but after she showed us a few of her pieces to compare the two types of paint, we were sold!

With supplies in tow we went home to try it out.

The Painting Process:

This piece would be part of our future nursery that I had just painted a soft gray. I had always planned to do the dresser in an off-white but thought it would be a fun detail to the interior a navy blue; since this would end up being an accent color. I chose Champlain and Midnight Bllue as my colors.

I ended up doing 3 coats of the Champlain and 2 of the Midnight Blue to get the desired coverage. This paint dries super fast so the entire project only took a weekend; one day to paint and another to distress and wax.

***Sidenote: even though the paint dries to the touch in a couple hours, it’s recommended to wait 12-24 hours before finishing. 

I let the paint cure overnight before beginning the sanding process.

Dresser after Painting

Finished Product:

I did end up sealing the exterior of the dresser with a clear wax finish because that was the look I wanted. However, it’s definitely not necessary to protect the piece.

Overall, I could not be happier with how it turned out! This paint will go down as my new go to furniture paint. What is your favorite furniture paint? If you’ve tried Fusion paint I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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    1. It’s so much easier than the other paints I’ve tried. You should definitely try it out they have tons of colors too 😉

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