Our Kitchen Reno – Part II

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Two years after we moved in, my sweet hubby came to me one Saturday morning after wandering around the kitchen and said simply “Ya know, I don’t think it would cost us too much to redo this kitchen”.

Guys, that is all it took! I became a brainstorming fiend. I knew immediately that two things had to happen; we had to run hardwoods all the way through the kitchen from the dining room and find a way to transform our cabinets from dark cherry to white. I never wanted a formal dining space and I felt by running hardwoods all the way through we would be able to achieve a more cohesive space. Since the majority of our kitchen would be white/light gray I wanted to do the island in a bold blue. I decided to do this myself, in an attempt to not only save us money but to satisfy my creative soul.

You can check out the full details on how I painted our island here How to Paint Your Island


It’s Demo day!!

We are lucky enough to have friends and family help us rip out the old laminate floors the weekend before installation of the new floors. This way we didn’t have to live with plywood floors for too long. Unfortunately, the guys got stuck moving my massive all wood china cabinet in addition to the fridge. Thank goodness for their hard work and manpower! We got lucky in that everything went very quickly and we didn’t uncover any issues.

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New Floors:

I had never seen new hardwood floors installed but let me tell you it’s a beautiful process. The floors were sanded down and tied in to the existing floors in the dining room before being stained. By far our most expensive item in this renovation but 100% worth it. I love the finished look and how much more cohesive it made our kitchen and dining room.


Cabinet Addition:

Before staining the new floors we installed a new upper and lower cabinet on the right side of our fridge. I am a very Type A person and it always bothered me that after taking the wall down between the dining room and kitchen, the fridge was not “framed” with cabinets, it seemed very asymmetrical. The new cabinet have become our bar area for all of our various liquor/wine glasses and a place to actually store our liquor and mixers. It’s come in handy for entertaining as well!


Floor Stain:

As much as it was so worth it to have our floors stained to create that cohesive look, it was super inconvenient. We had to stay off of the floors for three weeks. This meant no cooking and a lot of eating out. Not so good for the waist line! But as my mother always said, anything worth having doesn’t come easy, and boy was that true!


Time for New Counter Tops!

This was one of the harder items for us to decide on. My husband wanted a matte gray counter while I wanted something with veins and texture. One thing we could agree on was that we wanted quartz counters. After much deliberation and a compromise we found a soft gray quartz counter with dark gray and almost a hint of purple veining. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!! We kept our existing sink and faucet because they were fairly new and we didn’t see the need in spending money on something that wasn’t necessary.

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 White Cabinets!

I am a huge fan of a bright white kitchen, and in this dark house that’s exactly what we needed. When it came time to choose our cabinet color I had to decide between all the variations of white, who knew there were so many! We had our cabinets professionally sprayed, including the frame, doors and drawers. I opted for this because I didn’t want to see any brush strokes and I knew it would be difficult to try to get a brush inside of the cabinet.

This was the by far the most drastic transformation. I remember the day we came home after they had finished installing the painted doors and drawers. Everything was still taped up like something out of a murder scene, if you’ve ever seen the show Dexter, that’s a good comparison to how our kitchen looked. We decided to creep up the back deck to get a sneak peek through the window over the sink only to have our breath completely taken away!



The final step was to install the backsplash. It didn’t take much for me to decide that I wanted to do a subway tile backsplash but I kept going back and forth on if I should do it in a herringbone or traditional pattern. My husband was not excited about the idea of doing a herringbone style at all. I ended up opting for a traditional pattern simply because I wanted to ensure that it didn’t go out of style within the next 10 years or so. To break up all the white I chose a dark gray grout color and we did a thicker grout line. I think this really helped tie in some of the darker elements, such as the floors and oil rubbed bronze hardware that we kept.

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Finished Product!!

Check out the finished product below and let me know what you think in the comments.


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  1. It’s night and day for your kitchen transformation. I honestly love the brightness of your new kitchen, the layout, and the story behind your journey!

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