How to Transition from Christmas to Winter Decor

I must say packing up my Christmas decor is always hard. I get a serious case of the Christmas blues each year. This year I decided to leave several things out all winter. I mean you put them up around Thanksgiving and have to take them down a month later… it’s barely enough time to enjoy everything.

For some ideas on how to enjoy your holiday decor all winter check out my three easy tips below.

1. Remove all “Christmas” Decor

Ok so that might seem obvious but hey just wanted to be clear. Definitely take down your Santa, Elves, Gingerbread men etc. Anything that screams Christmas should probably get packed up. One additional rule of thumb I go by is to minimize the amount of red decor I leave up. Red and green symbolize Christmas, while winter is mainly neutrals and greens with lots of wood elements.

Now here is something I am personally conflicted on – the Christmas Tree. I think this is completely up to you. I take my decorated trees down but I have other trees that I leave up so it’s a bit of a compromise.

Here I took down the sign and snowmen but kept the tree.

2. Keep any Natural/Rustic Items

Here is where you can leave up miniature or medium sized decorated trees. I’ve got two pre-lit medium sized trees in urns on either side of my buffet table that I’m leaving out in addition to two miniature trees I’ve got scattered around the house. This year I picked up several birch items and deer/reindeer (showcased in my blog post A Tour of the Byrd’s Nest at Christmas) that I will be leaving out all winter. Reindeer became my obsession this season and I have them on my dining table as well as in our man-cave. Since they are no different than regular deer I don’t see any reason to pack them up.

3. Add a little twinkle

The best part about decorating for the holidays is enjoying all the lights. I loved having our Christmas Tree lit and that being our only source of light in the evenings. For the rest of winter I will be leaving up the lit garland on our staircase and mantle as well as pre-lit wood decor in the man-cave, and our Dickens’ Village on the buffet table.

I would love to hear your thoughts as well as any tips you have on transitioning from Christmas to Winter decor.

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    1. Rachel, I was the same way but the past two years I have found ways to leave certain elements out. I try to have a container or two on stand by for the “winter” decor as well to make it easier when packing everything up. Good luck next year!

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