How to Paint Your Island

In “Our Kitchen Reno – Part II”, I will walk you through the remainder of our drastic kitchen transformation. Part of this included painting our island. We decided we would try painting the island ourselves. This was going to be a statement piece in our soon to be white and gray kitchen, which gave us the freedom to pick any color we wanted. In this post, I am going to walk you through my process. On a side note, our island base is approximately 3’x2′ and is a movable piece of furniture left to us by the previous home owner.

1. Prep the Piece

Unless you are starting with raw wood, you will need to lightly sand off the existing finish to allow the paint to adhere properly. You just need to sand the piece enough to rough up the surface. After you’ve done this, take a finer grit and lightly sand to create a smooth surface for painting.

Island – Before

2. Paint

I came across a particular type of paint that is specifically formulated for high traffic areas and ideal for use on cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, called Americana Decor Satin Enamels. We chose Dark Denim for our island.

I used a small foam rolling brush for the main surfaces and a brush for the detail areas. I did two coats to get the coverage I wanted. If you are starting with raw wood you may need to do three coats, due to the fact that the raw wood will soak up the paint much quicker than a previously finished product. What I love about this paint is that there are no harsh fumes and it dries almost instantaneously!

3. Finish Up

Another awesome part about this paint is there is no need to seal it or finish it. After applying the final coat of paint, you’re done! How sweet is that?! Just re-attach your doors and, if desired, change-up your hardware. We changed ours from the existing simple wooden knobs to these adorable gray vintage style knobs to tie into the gray elements in our updated kitchen.

You can find some similar to what we got here (affiliate):  Melon Cabinet Knobs.

What furniture pieces have you painted in your home? Check out Before & After – a 70s Kitchen Makeover on a Budget, to see how I used the same paint in another project.

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