5 Quick & Easy Updates to Transform your Space

To many people the thought of change is daunting; where to begin, what to do, how far to go, the questions and possibilities can be endless! To help combat this overwhelming feeling I’ve gathered up 5 quick and easy updates that will help you transform your space.

1. Paint

Yes, this may seem obvious but choosing a paint color can be quite an undertaking. Our master bath was updated prior to us moving in, but unfortunately it wasn’t my style. I knew I didn’t want to gut it and waste time and money on a project that large of scale when the materials were fairly new, but I was tired of the sad, boring color scheme. It was a variety of beige and browns, while the walls were a soft olive-green. I spent over two days choosing a paint color because I wanted to step out of the box and be bold with this space since this would just be for us to see. The rest of the house we had painted shades of gray and blue grays. I ended up going extremely bold for me but I absolutely love it! Check out the before and after below.


2. Rugs, Pillows, and Throws

Not only do rugs protect your floors but they also help provide warmth and comfort to a space while providing a pop of color. I actually purchased my largest rugs from Wayfair for relatively cheap (under $200 for 8×10) and they have held up very well. The smaller rugs (for a kitchen/bath) I usually get from TJ Maxx/Marshalls but Wayfair sells these as well.

Let’s face it who doesn’t love having soft blankets to snuggle up with? Finding a cute blanket with a pop of color or interesting pattern and throwing in a fun set of pillows to your couch/guest room can instantly update your room, while also providing depth to your space. All of my pillows and throws were purchased from TJ Maxx at fairly reasonable prices.


3. Plants

For all the green thumbs out there this is your time to shine! Plants are a great way to transform a space. I limit myself to one or two plants per room (depending on the room). And for all those who don’t have a green thumb you can always get the faux plants and succulents. Just make sure you don’t go overboard on the amount of greenery, you don’t want your home to look like a jungle.

Affiliate link -> Check out the link below to grab your faux succulents.

5-Piece Faux Succulent


4. Hardware

This could be the most expensive item on the list if you decide to purchase new hardware, but it drastically transforms a space. If you’re not at the point where you want to purchase new hardware consider spray painting it as a quick and easy option. We used Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to update our existing hardware when we first moved in. Simply take some sandpaper and rough up the current knobs so that the paint will adhere and apply 2 coats of spray paint. I would recommend sealing it with a coat of Polyurethane to ensure it doesn’t chip.

Even changing out knobs on furniture can provide a quick and easy update to a piece.


5. Changing the layout

It can be difficult to determine the best layout for a space. Many people nowadays desire an open layout and furniture placement is key in order to achieve this goal.

When my husband and I first purchased our home we took down numerous walls and partitions to open up the space. In our living room we felt limited in layout because of where the cable jack was located. The only layout forced us to have a closed off space again or constantly strain your neck to watch TV.

My brother is an electrician so he came up one weekend to help us relocate the cable into another wall. This allowed us to completely change the layout of the space and open the room back up. Which was the original goal after all. Sometimes just rearranging decor or furniture can transform an entire space. See below for before we moved in with the original layout and after switching the layout.

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